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My daughter (who has some health issues) enrolled with the understanding that if she had to withdraw from the school she could do so under no penalties if she did it before she clocked in 90 hours of classroom time. She would only have to pay for the equipment that she recieved and the $100.00 withdrawal fee.

Before she put in a full 25 hours of class time she decided that it was too much for her and that she needed to withdraw. We tried to speak with the student advisor and her teacher about leaving but they would not hear any of it and kept pushing her off and pretty much telling her that she was fine when she clearly wasn't. After three days she was finally able to speak to the head of admissions for the school and was told that she would only owe the school about $600.00 in total and that they would send her the bill.

So after a month and a half of not receiving anything in the mail she managed to yet again track down the head of admissions only to be told that she owed the school over $3000.00

After much discussion the woman then decided that she would deduct $1000.00 from the bill. Then we spent over 3 hours trying to reach someone in the corporate office (with no success and I had to actually go send them a message on Facebook of all places) the woman decided to take another $500.00 from the bill which still left it at a ridiculous price of over $1500.00

She was charged $600.00 for her kit and iPad (Keep in mind her kit contained a mannequin head, stand, hairbrush, comb and six hair clips).

We were able to go online and find everything that she received in her kit including the iPad, all brand new (and the mani head was even better then the one she received) for a total of $352.00, this also includes the $100.00 withdrawal fee.

So hopefully this warns people about how things are run at Empire because its a joke. I owed less money then that after having to leave an actual college that I attended for two years while working on a bachelors degree.

I'm only posting this here in the hope that if I make enough waves someone in the corporate office will finally take notice and actually return a phone call so that some form of resolution can be made.

This reviewer shared experience about "poor customer relations, pricing, withdrawal policies etc." and wants this business to issue a partial refund as the author lost $1518. havenceles is overall dissatisfied with Empire Beauty School. The most disappointing about empire beauty school customer care at Empire Beauty School was quality of education, billing practices and customer service , but reviewer liked students. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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